Decorated cookies make ideal gifts for your party, shower, as wedding or birthday favors, or for corporate events. They are also great "just because" gifts and always bring a smile to everyone's faces.

My cookies are baked from scratch using only premium ingredients. Each cookie is hand decorated using tinted royal icing and then packaged to your specification. I strive to make the best tasting, prettiest cookie you've ever had. Contact me at or 360-516-8856

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Headed Home Cookies

These cookies may look familiar to you since they are very similar to ones I recently did for a Homecoming planning party. There are a few new designs in there but otherwise we have stars, stars, stars.

However, this batch is going further afield..... These are headed out to a US Navy ship currently on deployment! So you better believe these babies are going to be packed up tight. I know what happens to boxes during mail call!

I am pretty excited for the Sailor who is going to receive these as a little pre-homecoming surprise. What a thoughtful gift!

Thanks Sherry!

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