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Thursday, June 21, 2012

"I am SPEED" Cookies

Alek is about to turn 3 and his mom called for some cookies for the Birthday boy. She requested personalized Lightning McQueen cookies, and boy were these fun to make! It was hard to get my kids to stay away from them!

Often making character cookies can be a royal pain since a little error can leave you with a cookie that doesn't look quite right.... the colors are off, or the face not quite right. No one wants Dora with bug eyes or

Character cookies are actually pretty tough to get right and when I get requests for them I usually go for a simple design in order to ensure that the character is correctly represented in dough and icing form.

These have a simple design, but they still scream Lightning McQueen. As an added touch I baked up some mini-bites in the shape of a "3" and decorated them to look like a road.

I hope the Birthday boy loves them! Thanks Marisa!

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