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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

US Navy Homecoming Planning Cookies

As you may know I am a Navy spouse and also a Navy veteran. I love my Navy! So I was really happy to get to make the cookies for this latest platter.

Just as in the other services, homecoming is a BIG deal. But there is so much preparation that happens before the big day arrives.... logistics, schedules and so much more.

To get this accomplished a team of hard working folks get together to plan the day and try to make it special for both the returning Sailor, and their families. These planning events, while not only vital to making the day go smooth, also ramp up the excitement!

These cookies we made for one such Homecoming planning event. If you look, you can see some cookies say "Almost Home". I am sure that each and every person who enjoy these cookies today can't wait until they say "Welcome Home".

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